Our classrooms are spacious and airy, with sensible, comfortable seating for children. Along with blackboards, they are equipped with nice bulletin boards, which allow the students to display their talents. Each classroom is equipped with a computer, OHP & Digital Interactive Board.

Computer Lab

Keeping abreast with this age of great dependency on technology, a high tech computer lab was designed in which children from Nursery to Std. X learn through CD - ROM's and Projects. Presently, we have latest 25 IBM P4 Machines with flat screen monitors.

All classrooms, labs and library are fully networked through LAN. 24 hrs. internet connectivity.

The Comprehensive Syllabus that has been decided on, for the Academic Year 2007 - 2008 is of the following nature:-
There are CD-ROM Presentations for all classes, for different subjects. Besides, there workshops are held on Computers and topics like the use of Computers in Education, etc.

Science Laboratories

Three well-equipped, modern Science Laboratories give our students an opportunity to explore and verify the various laws of Physics and Chemistry. The Biology laboratory reveals to them the rhythmic and fascinating functioning of nature and life.


The Library has open access system to browse through various sets of encyclopaedia, dictionaries, reference books, etc. We add books on various topics every academic year.

Podar Terrace & Ramniranjan Podar Hall

The School's cultural activities, Seminars and Workshops, as well as, Inter House and Inter School functions and competitions are held in the Ramniranjan Podar Hall. The Daily Assembly is held in the Terrace.

Podar Sports Ground

The Podar Sports Ground, which is over 10,000 sq. feet, is used as playground for children. This Sports Ground has a basketball court, tennis courts and various other facilities.






First Aid

We have a First Aid Room furnished with a bed for ailing children to lie on. The nurse is always on duty and doctors minor wounds and injuries. There are also Medical and Eye Check-ups organised for the students from time to time.

Counselling Centre

We have Counsellors to take care of the specific needs of the children and give periodic guidance to students and parents. Special assistance is given to Dyslexic and Handicapped students. Workshops are held for teachers on pertinent topics such as Improvement of Interpersonal Relationships, etc.

Book Store

The Schoolbooks, along with stationery and book covers, can be bought from within the school premises.


The school has a canteen within the school premises that serves cold drinks, and snacks such as idli, pav- wada, sandwiches, samosas, etc.


Parent-Teacher Association

We believe that since the school and home are the primary and most important socialising agents of a child, there needs to be a clear and constant communication between both. The PTA was formed for exactly this purpose. The school holds various seminars that help bring parents and teachers closer together to achieve mutual goals for the brighter future of the children. The parents, in turn, do a lot for the school like organising a party for the teachers on Teacher's Day.

Alumni Association

We are proud of our students, and grow to love and bond with them. That is why it is important for us to maintain contact with them- following their achievements and encouraging them when they need help. Thus, the Ex-students along with the School formed the Alumni Association in September, 1999.